Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Roundup wih PW

On Amazon's 'Error' Royalty: Writing in 'Forbes,' Adam Rowe explores the larger implications, for indie publishers, of a recent error with Amazon's KDP royalty rate.

Barnes on Flaubert and His Latest Novel: Booker winner Julian Barnes discusses his current release, 'The Only Story,' and other topics with 'The Guardian.'

Making the Case for the 'Subway Read': With beach reads, cabin reads and airplane reads established things, Adam Sternbergh asks in the 'NY Times,' why subway reads aren't on that list.

Musicians Set for Royalty Rate Bump: The National Music Publishers’ Association says musicians and songwriters are set for an increase in the royalty rate they're receiving from music subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Kentucky's University Press Under Threat: University of Kentucky Press is facing the chopping block, with the state's governor proposing a budget that will slash public education funding.

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