Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Roundup PW

Investor Urges B&N To Find a Buyer
Sandell Asset Management Corp, which said it has a "meaningful" stake in Barnes & Noble, sent a letter to the retailer's board of directors urging the company try to sell itself.
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A Spellbinding Short Story by Jodi Picoult
Once, Hope was a mermaid at a theme park. Now, she’s married to a marine biologist who has filled the pool in their backyard with flounder for a special study. The fish vanish—echoing a loss Hope alone can understand. She senses there’s something underwater, something alive and hungry for more. NYT bestselling author Jodi Picoult’s 'Mermaid' is a spellbinding short story about the sacrifice it takes to swim again. (Sponsored)
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The Frick Unveils a Book Series: The Frick Museum will publish a series of small books, Frick Diptychs, that combine the museum's collection with critical and literary essays.

PRH Pulls Nelson Mandela Book: Penguin Random House South Africa withdrew the book on Mandela's final days following a threat of legal action from his widow, Graça Machel.

Writing Books is Not for Everyone: An author shares his perspective on who should write a book, such as those with something important to say.

The Importance of Reading Aloud: Communal reading plays an important role in our cultural history, according to Abigal Williams, author of 'The Social Life of Books.'

How to Feel at Home as a Writer: One writer reflects on the flexibility of her work and the rituals involved with it.



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