Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ostering the Next Generation of Young Booksellers'

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Onorati: 'Fostering the Next Generation of Young Booksellers'

Christine Onorati
"My main goal is to brainstorm new and creative ways for bookselling to exist in this somewhat crazy retail environment. Our relationships with publishers and the ways in which they can help direct book buyers to indies and not automatically to online sellers is a big focus, as is fostering the next generation of young booksellers and making sure bookselling is a viable career path for those who want to take over existing stores or start their own. I also believe, as booksellers today, we need to be ahead of the trends and try to stay competitive with the ever-changing technology of the retail and book worlds."

--Christine Onorati,
newly elected ABA board member and owner of WORD Bookstores in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jersey City, N.J., in a q&a with Bookselling This Week

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