Saturday, July 22, 2017

Off the Shelf


Papa, Paris, and Pilar: 16 Books to Help You Celebrate Heming-day the Heming-way
Though he’s known best for his love of writing, wives, and world traveling—and yes, fine, the booze—Ernest Hemingway was so much more: a failed KGB spy, a self-proclaimed “liberator” of the Paris Ritz after the Nazi occupation, a stubborn author (he once responded to an editorial note from F. Scott Fitzgerald with three words: “Kiss my ass”), a plane crash survivor (it’s true—–the whole world thought he was dead!), and a brilliant, troubled man whose demons drove and eventually destroyed him. As Off the Shelf’s resident Lost-Generation specialist, it’s my duty to celebrate this, Papa’s 118th birthday (which I affectionately call “Heming-day”—trademark!) with a list of essential reading for any fan of this American icon.

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