Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Linguistic Theory Is So Abstract, Maybe It’s Not Really A Science?

“The nub of the disagreement here boils down to what exactly linguistics says about the world, and the appropriate archetypes we should apply to make it effective. So just what kinds of questions does linguistics want to answer? What counts as evidence? Is universal grammar in particular – and theoretical linguistics in general – a science at all?”

Watching A Former Literary Icon Fall Out Of Fashion

What happened to reading Rebecca West? Her 1941 nonfiction “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon” was often listen as a top nonfiction book of the 20th century … and then somehow the book, “an attack on empire, a defense of small nations, and an embrace of concrete delights over abstract causes,” passed its 75th anniversary with nary a notice, even from the International Rebecca West Society.

The Next Big Thing In Books: James Comey

Publishers started courting him, hard, as soon as he was fired by the current president, and especially after he leaked some memos. “Comey was reluctant at first to entertain offers, but he later decided that he had something to say beyond a rehashing of his career highlights and low points, according to his agent.”

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