Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phlippa Pearce Lecture

The Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture: celebrating excellence in children’s literature

Newsletter: July 2017

Booking is now open for the 2017 lecture:

The lecture will take place at 5.00pm on Friday 8th of September in the Mary Allan Building, Homerton College, Cambridge. After the lecture there will be a short wine reception.

Both lecture and reception are free.

To book your ticket please use the form on the booking page of the Philippa Pearce Lecture website. If you need to book a second ticket please revisit the page and repeat the process. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email that includes your e-ticket. Print the ticket out or download a mobile version, and take this with you to the lecture.
PHILIPPA PEARCE died in 2006, but respect and affection for her writing is as strong as ever. In her memory, a series of lectures is now underway, each intended to celebrate excellence in literature for children and to emphasize its continuing vital importance.  
The Philippa Pearce Lecture is hosted and funded by Homerton College. The lecture is free, but running costs are supported by donations. If you would like to make a donation, you can do this at the lecture website: www.pearcelecture.com

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