Thursday, July 20, 2017

Arts Journal - Words

Dolly Parton Is Sending Free Books To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pre-School Children Every Month

The goal of the Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library project is to send one free book a month to every child under 5 who wants one. “Five percent of the U.S. population younger than 5 years old receives a book through the program. The goal is to reach 10 percent by 2024.”

Scandalous ‘Exposés’ About Nuns Were Antebellum America’s Most Popular Books

Hell’s Mapmakers: Charting Dante’s Inferno, Circle By Circle

“In addition to being among the greatest Italian literary works, Divine Comedy also heralded a craze for ‘infernal cartography,’ or mapping the Hell that Dante had created. … There are several theories for why it was so important then to delineate Dante’s Hell, including the general popularity of cartography at the time and the Renaissance obsession with proportions and measurements. However, given the inherent limitations of mapping a fictional world, there was some debate between scholars over the specifics.”

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