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Jack Reacher - two decades on and still going strong !

Lee Child

No Middle Name US

The Midnight Line UK

It's been a wonderful two decades for me, and I'm deeply grateful to everyone who has read and enjoyed any of the Reacher books - with a special place in my heart for the people who have been with me from the beginning. - Lee Child

Lee reminded me a few days ago that our 20th anniversary was coming up which means that 20 years ago today, KILLING FLOOR went on sale in the US and Canada, I met Lee for the first time when we had lunch in Greenwich Village after he signed hundreds of copies in my bookstore nearby. His agent, publishers, editors, and publicists were a dream team (still are) and made coordinating his trip to the US easy - everyone connected to mystery bookstores in NYC were already Reacher Creatures (that's what advance reading copies are for) - and Team Reacher was born. So maybe you can understand why, when Lee mentioned 20 years, I smiled, wondered just how old am I? and thought ISN'T THIS GREAT?

Can you imagine? Lee and his family have a few months of bills covered, then they're down to zip. So Lee writes a book, never having even tried before, hoping to keep food on the table and a roof over his family's head. All these years later Reacher is still going strong, millions of people around the world are loving the big guy and looking forward to the next book. Thank you, faithful readers, you've changed lives.

Speaking of what's next...

On March 28th in the US, Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted goes on sale. Read about Lee's participation HERE.

Reacher novel #21, NIGHT SCHOOL, will be released in mass-market paperback on April 6th in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and on May 9th in the US and Canada.

Next, NO MIDDLE NAME, the complete collection of Reacher short stories, goes on sale on May 16th in the US and Canada, and on May 18th in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Last (but, you know, not at all least, especially when you're talking about a guy who is 6'5" tall), is Reacher novel #22 - THE MIDNIGHT LINE which will go on sale in November. The covers have been finalized (as you can see in this newsletter) but the sale dates and the synopsis are being worked on. We'll post that to the website, Facebook and Twitter, soon as we've got 'em.

We'll be sending out another newsletter just prior to NO MIDDLE NAME and THE MIDNIGHT LINE going on sale but if you prefer to pre-order, now you can!

Regarding all this anniversary hullabaloo, when asked for a comment of his own, Reacher said nothing. Luckily saying nothing isn't my problem. I like to call that "job security". Happy Anniversary, Lee!

Happy reading!

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No Middle Name UK

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