Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Indie Booksellers: 'Gardeners of the Life of the Mind'


"I've really enjoyed getting to know various booksellers during the pre-publication of this book, and I am a huge fan of independent bookstores.
As the mother of small children, I rely on local bookstores (at home and on vacation) to provide not only access to books but also community--story hours, fun children's sections to visit on rainy days, interesting readings and panels to get me, and everyone else who attends, to think about the wider world than the one right under our noses. I feel that independent bookstores are really the purveyors and gardeners of the life of the mind."

--Jessica Shattuck, whose novel The Women in the Castle is the number one Indie Next List pick for April, in a q&a with Bookselling This Week  via Shelf Awareness

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