Thursday, March 23, 2017

Index Art Book Fair




White Fungus will exhibit at Index Art Book Fair at Museo Jumex in Mexico City, April 14-16.
Index Art Book Fair is an organization that seeks to create a space for dialogue around art, architecture and design publications proposing a platform for the dissemination of ideas related to the production and experimentation of the creative print medium. Index Art Book Fair brings together the leading independent art publishers from Europe, Asia and the Americas, with special emphasis on artist books and printed matter resulting from experimental approaches to editing, writing and printing.
Established in 2014, Index Art Book Fair supports and promotes the production and distribution of art publications; an area that has become increasingly important in contemporary art in recent years. Art editions include images and/or text in experimental formats such as artist's books, art texts and collectively edited magazines, as well as catalogs, monographs and photography books. In this fertile ground, the work of international artists is made available to the public through affordable editions, creating an alternative space for art appreciation beyond galleries and museums.




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