Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breaking News - Quake Cats: Heartwarming stories of Christchurch cats

“I love cats because I enjoy my home and little by little, they become its visible soul.” Jean Cocteau

Last year’s Quake Dogs captured our hearts and this very special book has been in the bestseller charts months.

But people kept asking: “What about our beloved cats? How did the devastating Christchurch earthquakes affect them and their families?”
So, Penguin Random House has teamed up again with photographer Craig Bullock to share some of their stories in Quake Cats, to be published Friday, 3 October.  

As with Quake Dogs, the collection will include true tales of heroism, odd and quirky stories, funny stories, sad stories – stories that will surprise you, make you chuckle or make you go awwww.

Like Quake Dogs, this book again celebrates the very special, wordless bond between people and their pets which is one founded on love, trust, loyalty and companionship.

There’s Chippy who was found living in an abandoned fish and chip shop in the heart of the Red Zone, eating the old oil, and covered in it. There are the lions and cheetahs of Orana Wildlife Park, who were clearly very disturbed when the huge earthquake struck and the fences banged together, making a fearful sound. The staff were relieved that the power stayed on, keeping the electric fences working so the animals didn’t escape.

There’s Max, who wandered about the suburb and found himself a new, loving family; Meisha, who was giving birth when the earthquake struck, and whose owners had to coax her to carry on; inspiring stories of cats who were lost but then reunited with their owners; and stories of the many narrow escapes of miraculous cats with nine lives.

Part of the proceeds from this book help support Christchurch cat charities which work tirelessly to rehome cats that have become separated from their owners.

Censor’s warning: more tissues required

Mr Splitty: A shadow of his former self.

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