Monday, June 30, 2014

Bookshop memories: pictures and stories

    When we asked you to share anecdotes and photos of your favourite independent bookshops, the stories poured in. From romance surrounded by Shakespeare to an encounter with a falconry-loving policeman, here is a selection of your bookshop memories

    bookshop memories
    That paper smell ... Bookshops are the perfect background. Photograph: JuslibolLord/GuardianWitness
    In a context of disputes among publishers over the digital market, uncertainty around the future of the print book, the meteoric rise of self-publishing and the legendary Foyles' move to a new building in London, we asked you to share your most cherished memories from independent bookshops. With an optimistic mindset and lots of love for the smell of paper, here is a selection of our favourites.
    Minibooks, Hay on Wye by JuslibolLord
    The minibooks, beautiful decoration and still masterpieces of literature. I purchased way too many of them.

    bookshop memories
    Photograph: JuslibolLord/GuardianWitness

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