Monday, June 30, 2014

Books at the Sydney Morning Herald

A native plant. Megan Backhouse Councils use it, horticultural academics swear by it and it's the go-to text for environmental groups.


<p></p> JASON STEGER Brandis and buffoonery; E.L. James in the black; Rowling tweets back.

Julie Szego and Michaela McGuire's books on complex court cases

Complex court cases. Lucy Sussex Two books provide in-depth investigations into controversial court cases, regarding rape and manslaughter charges.

Leah Hager Cohen's empathy not wholly convincing

<p> Reviewer: PETER PIERCE Book review: Leah Cohen's work has a paradoxical cold comfort in its belief in how much should be forgiven.

Sum of all fears, or joy: A numbers book

<p> Reviewer: FRANK O'SHEA Book review: The role and impact of numbers in our lives sums up this work with a difference.

George Goyder's great divide

<p> Reviewer: ROBERT WILLSON Book review: A biography that is a monumental study of a great Australian who is still not fully appreciated.

Loudon Sainthill and Bernard Hall: Great contributions unearthed

<p> Reviewer: SASHA GRISHIN Book review: Two new monographs will make a valuable contribution to 20th-century Australian art.
The second season of Under The Dome is on Southern Cross Ten on Tuesdays. Meredith Blake As Under the Dome returns for a second season, Meredith Blake talks to its author Stephen King.

Birds are singing as Evie Wyld wins the Miles Franklin

2014 Miles Franklin Award. Portrait of Evie Wyld, winner of this years Miles Franklin literary award. Photographed at the MCA Thursday 26th June 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 140626            

_I9A2543.jpg JASON STEGER Evie Wyld has won the Miles Franklin for her second novel, All the Birds, Singing 

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