Thursday, February 02, 2012


This handsome hard-cover novel by the multi-talented and 2011 New Zealander of the Year nominee, Dr.Sharad Paul was mentioned on the Kim Hill's Saturday radio show last week.

Here is the inside cover blurb:
Even as the snow falls existentially, the portends aren't good for Lobsang's family: A mole has appeared
on his little sister Bhunchung's left cheek, foretelling that her husband will die an untimely death. Can the
mole be removed? After all, Grandfather is a tantric lama with magical powers.
As Bhunchung and Lobsang worry about the distant future, their village in Tibet is swept up in the Chinese
Revolution, with Mao's troops overrunning it and enforcing hard labour. Will they manage to escape from Tibet? And just where has Grandfather disappeared after the Chinese arrived?
Seen though the eyes of Lobsang, To Kill a Snow Dragonfly is an evocative journey through revolutions and disruptions, desires and memories, friendships and exile, as the narrative moves from a tranquil Tibetan village to a boarding school in south India and eventually to Bombay.

Copies can be obtained from the author's bookstore, Baci Lounge at 167/169 Broadway Newmarket, Auckland 1023 - (09) 529 4360 -

Sharad Paul's debut novel COOL CUT was published in 2007.

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