Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nokia unveils e-reading app

Nokia has announced an "integrated reading hub experience", which will expand the e-book market across more countries, according to the technology company.
Revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today (27th February), the platform brings together news, books and audiobooks including an "extensive catalogue of local language reading material". Content can be accessed both on and offline.
Francisco Jeronimo, IDC research manager European Mobile Devices said: "E-readers spurred the initial demand for electronic books and since then, tablets and smartphones have dramatically accelerated the demand for e-books . . .
"Given Nokia's global reach, Nokia Reading should expand the e-book market across more countries, reaching more consumers."
According to Engadget, reporting from the conference, the platform is free and will gather content in a "unified, digital magazine-like format", It will be available to all Nokia WP7 handsets from April.

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