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New Zealand Studies Association re-established, conference in Poland, July 2012

Ian Conrich reports from the UK:
Following requests from many within the community, we are delighted to announce that the New Zealand Studies Association has been re-established and is now being guided by a New Zealand Studies Council. The members of this Council are listed below and the aim was to create a range of representation across different subjects in different universities, across a range of countries, with no more than 2 Council members from one institution.

Membership rates are largely unaltered from before, with the full rate at £38 and the rate for unwaged and students £33. NZSA has a very long and strong history and membership benefits have been increased from before. All members for 2012 will now receive 2 books, details of which will be circulated in an email to follow. In the future, membership will include a copy of the substantial refereed journal, 'NZSA Bulletin of New Zealand Studies', plus a choice of 2 books from 2 series that are being commenced this year. Details for these 2 series will also be circulated in an email to follow, with one series, 'New Zealand Writers', devoted to single studies of key figures within New Zealand literature, and 'New Zealand Film Classics', devoted to studies of single feature length movies of significance. Both series will present books of 15-20,000 words and priority for authoring titles will be given to NZSA members.

Finally details see details below for the NZSA 2012 conference being held in July at the University of Gdansk, Poland. The conference fee for this special gathering includes NZSA membership, and the two free books.
The NZSA website continues and membership can now be achieved online. The main page for membership registration will be completed within the week and another email will be sent at that point.
New Zealand Studies Council
Claudia Bell (University of Auckland), Judy Bennett (University of Otago),Yifen Beus (Brigham Young University, Hawai'i),Tom Brooking (University of Otago), David Callahan (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Ian Conrich (University of Essex, UK), Tom Craig (University of Derby, UK) Corinne David (University of Rennes, France) Paola Della Valle (Torino, Italy), Pascale de Souza (George Mason University, US), Shaun Goldfinch (University of Nottingham, UK), Mike Goldsmith (University of Waikato), Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan (University of Haifa, Israel), Oliver Haag (Austrian Centre for Transcultural Studies), Sei Kosugi (University of Osaka, Japan), Geoff Lealand (University of Waikato), Ron Leask (University of Strasbourg, France), Malcolm Maclean (University of Gloucestershire, UK), Brian McDonnell (Massey University),Michaela Moura-Kocoglu (Florida International University, US), Hermann Mueckler (University of Vienna, Austria), Susan Najita (University of Michigan, US), David Newman (Simon Fraser University, Canada) Eva Rueschmann (Hampshire College, US) Khyla Russell (Otago Polytechnic), Roy Smith (Nottingham Trent University, UK), Sandra Tawake (East Carolina University, US), Francine Tolron (University of Avignon, France), Bronwyn Tweddle (Victoria University of Wellington), Toon Van Meijl (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands),Marcin Waldoch (University of Gdansk, Poland) Gina Wisker (University of Brighton, UK) Robin Woodward (University of Auckland),Andrea Wright (Edge Hill University, UK)
 New Zealand and Europe: Borders, Nations, Identities

The 18th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association,together with the Department of Political Science, University of Gdansk , Gdansk, Poland - 6-8 July 2012
The New Zealand Studies Association (NZSA) has a long and strong history in promoting New Zealand Studies. Building on the success of the 2006 conference in Paris, the 2008 conference in Florence, and the 2009 conference in Frankfurt, the 2012 gathering of the NZSA will be located at the University of Gdansk, Poland. This very special conference will be held near the historic city centre of Gdansk with its vibrant culture. On the Saturday, there will be a special guided tour of the city with a boat trip, followed by a conference dinner. Keynote speakers will be announced very soon.

Proposals for 20 minute papers must be sent by 1 May to Ian Conrich (email: or Marcin Waldoch ( The conference will consider all papers that address issues related to New Zealand and Europe, within the context of any of the sub themes - borders, nations, identities. As a section of the conference, it will also consider papers on Maori identity and the Pacific. The conference fee will include annual membership to the NZSA, which for 2012 includes 2 free books. Papers from the conference will be published in issue no.3 of the refereed journal, NZSA Bulletin of New Zealand Studies. Moreover, two new book series - 'New Zealand Writers', and 'New Zealand Film Classics' - will be launched at the conference and delegates will be invited to contribute to future volumes.

The conference will accept proposals on a range of subjects including the following: warfare, land and borders; national identities; political relations between nations; migration, refugees and diasporas (refugees during periods of war or periods of political conflict); Maori identity and the Pacific, New Zealand literature or films set in Europe, or European writers or filmmakers in New Zealand; European cultural influence on New Zealand; the reception and exposure of New Zealand culture in Europe; representations of New Zealand in European museums and collections; voyaging, historical travels and expeditions to New Zealand; science and knowledge transfer; tourism.

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