Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rowling Will Publish This Year (and Settled With Christopher Little)


Further to yesterday morning's announcement of JK Rowling's new novel, which did include release timing, Rowling herself told the Twitter the book will be "out later this year."
Agent Neil Blair confirms to the WSJ "that he negotiated directly with Little, Brown in the UK for world English rights rather than offering the title for auction," which is what we inferred, but apparently has surprised some people.
Little-noticed was last month's preamble to yesterday's announcement: The Daily Mail "was informed" by London-based reputation and crisis-management firm Project Associates that Rowling settled with former agent Christopher Little. The statement indicated that Rowling and Little "have reached an amicable agreement concluding their long-standing business relationship, the terms of which remain confidential. No further comments will be issued by either party."
The Mail adds the "deal [is] believed to be worth millions of pounds" without providing any basis for that conclusion.
Last July when Rowling "terminated her association with the Christopher Little Literary Agency," a spokesperson for the surprised Little said "He has contracts in place with [Ms Rowling], and he has contracts in place with Neil." 

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