Monday, December 05, 2011

Life Cycle of a Book

Publishing Trendsetter, the site with news and tips for a new generation of publishers, has this great graph explaining in detail the process of creating a book.
The visual is a part of Life Cycle of a Book section, where you can watch interviews with all participants of the process, including the author, editor, designer and distributor.
It’s a must-see:
- if you want to find out how much work has to be done to let the book appear in offers of bookstores or online retailers,
- before you start to complain that a $4.99 novel is too expensive.

December 4th, 2011 | By Piotr Kowalczyk | Via Publishing Trendsetter  (via EBook Friendly)


Matthew said...

Ummm ... surely they forgot the person who is arguably the object of all that effort - the reader. Duh.

Elisabeth Watson said...

That's a very interesting point, Matthew. I suppose the immediate response would be that we were trying to unfold parts of the book-making process that the average reader doesn't know. But all the same, I think it would be great to interview a "new generation of readers" for the publishers' sake, too, now you mention it.

The whole idea of "Lifecycle" is the hidden connections between all the parts of the process. What do you think readers would tell publishers about their relation to publicity, or marketing, or artwork? What would YOU say? (Though I assume you have a bit of an inside view if you're on this site!)

I suppose the author publicity video, where Adam talks about his his relationships directly with readers was the part of the Cycle where we most directly tried to address this, but all that is still indirect compared to what you're probably thinking of.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts or suggestions. And what a thrill to have popped up in NZ!

Elisabeth Watson