Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peter Robertson writes from London:

Dear Reader and Friend,
I hope that this finds you well, wherever you may be.
I am sorry to have to inform you that approximately one hour ago, Arts Council England wrote to me to inform me that, on reassessment, it has decided to turn down Interlitq for funding on the restated ground of the review’s “weaknesses in relation to the clarity of the artistic idea”.
I am sorry that this will be disappointing news. I am afraid that I am somewhat limited with regard to what I can say in this case, as it was ACE’s legal department that wrote to me today, once again reminding me of the purview of the Data Protection Act, and indeed with veiled legal threats, that I will in turn refer to my lawyer. But I have no doubt at all that what we must now do, and with immediate effect, is to put this difference of opinion behind us, as it is the literary path, and not the legal one, that Interlitq must continue to go down—and anything else is a distraction from the review’s real purpose.
I continue to believe that the artistic idea of Interlitq is a clear one. And I also continue to believe wholeheartedly in the review. And let me add that, furthermore, I believe that it is no accident that many of the most distinguished intellectual figures in the world have given their imprimatur to Interlitq by kindly agreeing to act as Consulting Editors for the review—I am quite sure that they did not come on board lightly.”
With my kind regards from London for a peaceful weekend,
Peter Robertson

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