The Museum Guild of Dearborn in Michigan has lost two thirds of its funding, so the non-profit has turned to publishing to help stay afloat.
The organization has published a book about their town with stories from the people who live there and plans to use the proceeds to help fund the museum. Best Dearborn Stories: Voices from Henry Ford’s Hometown is a collection of 152 stories from 154 writers, ranging in age from 6-97. The authors contributed their stories for free.
The Detroit News has more about their stories: “Some of the writers were given rides by Henry Ford, or used to see him pedaling his bicycle. One contributor, a community college professor, told of a student so bad he received a Q, 11 slots worse than an F. ‘It was not easy to get to America,’ begins Wijdan Alsaegh, who went from Iraq to Yemen to Dearborn and writes about being embraced.”