Tuesday, August 04, 2009

FRANKFURT: Anyone who has ever been to the Frankfurt Book Fair can't help but be stunned by the variety of activities taking place throughout the fairgrounds. From author signings to book launches to discussions of the latest trends in the trade and electronic media, Frankfurt has it all. But combine that with routine business meetings, and all this activity means it's all but impossible to stay on top of the latest news - whether it's a hot rights deal, the announcement of the latest book prize, or simply where to get a decent meal at the Messe. This October, Publishing Perspectives will help you get the most out of your time in Frankfurt. We're delighted to announce we'll be publishing a daily print edition at the Fair. (read on...)

Call for Stories: Tell Us What You're Doing at the Frankfurt Book Fair
There are millions of stories at the Frankfurt Book Fair, but only some of them get heard... Don't get lost in the shuffle - let us spread the word and tell the world about what you're doing. From October 14-16 at the Frankfurt Book Fair we'll be publishing a large-format, English-language print edition entitled Publishing Perspectives Frankfurt Edition. It will be distributed in all thirteen halls of the fairgrounds, making it among the most highly visible publications at the Fair. (read on for contact info...)

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