Thursday, August 13, 2009


Kyle Mewburn & Rachel Driscoll
Scholastic - $29.99
Note - publication date 1 September

One of the joys of being a book reviewer is that you often get to see special books before publication date and this simply beautiful book is an example of that. A heart-wrenching tale that deals sensitively and positively with the issue of death for young children.
Old Hu-Hu is a thoughtful tale of young Hu-Hu-Tu’s search for understanding of what has happened to his beloved Old Hu-Hu, who flew all the way to the moon (or so they said), then fell down dead.
A beautiful story of death and the celebration of life, with powerful, evocative illustrations by the talented Rachel Driscoll'

Kyle Mewburn
Award-winning writer of Kiss! Kiss! Yuck Yuck! and now internationally successful too, Kyle continues to explore new areas of literature for children.

Rachel Driscoll
Illustrator of the beautiful Margaret Beames story The Mouse That Danced, Rachel and her partner Michael Greenfield worked together on the design of the book to ensure that the typography is just as special as the artwork and the end result is stunning.

In Huhu Koroheke, the story is retold in te reo Maori by Katerina Mataira, who recently was awarded the international Linguapax Prize for her language work.

Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! won the 2006 Joy Cowley Award, as well as Best Picture Book of the Year and the Children’s Choice Award at the 2007 NZ Post Book Awards

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