Friday, August 21, 2009

From Publishers Lunch:

Random House Passes On Frankfurt Party
Following reports we heard from the international community earlier this week, Random House spokesman Stuart Applebaum confirms that the traditional Thursday night party in Frankfurt in conjunction with the book fair, held jointly by Random House and Bertelsmann's Direct Group, will not be convened this year.

Applebaum notes, "This party always has been the financial responsibility of the two companies, whose ceos made this determination. For Random House, this course of action is consistent with our not hosting any coporate social events this spring at the LBF or BEA. We've been informing many of our longstanding invited international guests of our intention, and while disappointed, they are unsurprised and respectful of our decision.
Random House will explore other Frankfurt Book Fair social-event opportunities in future years."
As for the publisher's overall presence at the fair, Applebaum says "our total attendance worldwide will be lower than last year but it is still coming together, making it premature to assign a head count or percentage" and "once again will have a major presence with stands on Halle 3 (Verlasgruppe RH), Halle 5 (RH Mondadori), and Halle 8 (RH, Inc. and the RH Group UK)."

Some Small Nuggets of News Contained Within THE LOST SYMBOL Hype

With little more than speculation to go on about the contents and the reception to Dan Brown's THE LOST SYMBOL, USA Today's writearound about "pent-up demand" teases out one amusing tidbit from Sessalee Hensley, the fiction buyer for B&N. She said 50 stores asked for advance copies: "I had to explain there aren't any."USAT

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