Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Roundup with PW

Mary Oliver on Grief and Loss: The late poet's hallmarks were reverence for the natural world and her frank, but comforting, descriptions of mourning.

Gahse Wins Swiss Grand Prix Literature: Hungarian-born author Zsuzsanna Gahse has won the top Swiss literary award for her entire body of work.

Company Censorship Threatens Publishing: When states suppress ideas, we condemn it. What should we do when corporations do the same?

Nancy Drew's Witchy Font: A typeface from old pulp novels, made in 1938, is the hand-cut, calligraphic answer to colder modern sans-serifs—and it's popping up everywhere.

Tales of Librarian Badassery: A list of 12 books in which librarians get to be the major players in their own adventures.

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