Thursday, January 17, 2019

Booksellers sprout in NZ



Booksellers Sprout in New Zealand: Booksellers NZ added seven new members last year, bringing the association's total to nearly 200 stores.

Atlanta's New African-American Bookstore: Atlanta's NPR affiliate profiles For Keeps. The recently-opened store specializes in rare African-American literature.

Applications Open for Bookseller Funding: Bookselling without Borders, which pays for travel to international book fairs, is now accepting applications until February 4.

Blue Willow Takes Top Honor in Houston: Blue Willow Bookshop was named the best bookstore in Houston for 2019 by the 'Houston Press.'

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A Women in Publishing Newsletter: A new newsletter, The FLIP (Female Leadership in Publishing), showcases women who work in the publishing industry.

The Truth in 'Merchants of Truth': What the criticism surrounding Jill Abramson's new book tells us about publishing’s fact-checking problem.

The Prince of Punching Up: Stephen King saved a newspaper with a tweet when he heard it was closing its books section—and when he takes on Trump, he doesn’t hold back.

Why Lit Teachers Turned Against Author: Since 1940s, among professors of literature, attributing significance to authors' intentions has been taboo and déclassé.

News on Machado's Next Book: Carmen Maria Machado reveals the first details of her anticipated memoir 'In the Dream House.'

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