Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Roundup with PW


The Books the Nazis Stole: The hunt for the millions of books stolen by the Nazis during World War II has been pursued quietly for decades, but has recently intensified.

Scholar Newly Translates Hebrew Bible: For 24 years, literary scholar Robert Alter has been working on a new 3,000 translation of the Hebrew Bible by hand. And he's finally done.

Author Praises Pardon for Groveland Four: Gilbert King's Pulitzer Prize–winning book 'Devil in the Grove,' about the four falsely-accused men, helped set the pardon in motion.

Why 1984 Isn't Banned in China: Censorship in the country is more complicated than many Westerners imagine, and George Orwell's work is a case in point.

Leslie Jamison's Next Book: The author of 'The Recovering' previews her new book, 'Make It Scream, Make It Burn,' in a new essay.

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