Friday, January 04, 2019

Off the Shelf


We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes: 11 White-Knuckling Hitchockian Reads

My first Alfred Hitchock movie was Rear Window, in which a wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart and a very elegant (but not afraid to get her hands dirty!) Grace Kelly detect a nefarious crime by spying on the neighbors with binoculars.  Disappointingly, my childhood bedroom did not have many neighbors to spy on within binocular range. So I branched out to the directors other classic films, from Psycho to The Birds to Rope (my favorite). I’ve always loved their dark glamour and noir atmosphere. There is always a plot twist ahead, an innocent man accused, a mistaken identity, a character with a dark secret. If you love the feel of a Hitchcock film, here are some thrilling reads for you.

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