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It's almost Halloween and we've got goodies! A new Reacher novel, fantastic podcasts, tour info, a FREE e-book and the perfect Reacher beverage to enjoy all the while. Read on...

You all know THE MIDNIGHT LINE is on sale November 7th - but did you know it's got so many 5 star reviews that we've stopped counting? It also made Library Reads' Top 10, and we hear this might be Lee's best Reacher novel so far. The story and characters stay with you long after you're done reading.

Lee IS going on tour; find info here: EVENTS. If you can't make a signing, you can pre-order a signed copy from any of the bookstores hosting events, some of your favorite specialty bookshops and, as always, you may order a signed/inscribed book from The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC (contact info at the bottom of the website Events page).

Have you ever wanted to share a steaming pot of coffee with Reacher? Now you can. Take care of your caffeine and Reacher fix with JACK REACHER CUSTOM ROASTED COFFEE. This blend was hand-picked and taste-tested by Lee. It's a rich, delicious blend, roasted the day of order, ground to your specification and available for worldwide shipping.

While you're drinking coffee (Lee drinks coffee all day long, just like Reacher) why not listen to some great podcasts?

Rob Taub and Lee discuss The Midnight Line in an interview that - we promise - holds no spoilers but will definitely enhance your reading of the novel when you get your hands on it. If you don't have the free SoundCloud app, download it HERE.

In the second podcast, author David Torrans talks with Lee about his Belfast background, Irish writers and their storytelling legacy. Not only is this interview fascinating but who doesn't love listening to an Irish brogue and Lee's mellow Brummie accent?

Did I mention a FREE e-book? Indeed! Lee contributed a short story to Set the Page Free. This link will take you directly to Lee's page so you can download the e-book (and have it inscribed). Scroll down the page to see all the other great authors involved.

Happy reading, listening AND drinking coffee!

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