Friday, October 20, 2017

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2018

The Frankfurt book fair saw first public release of the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2018 visual design graphic, the result of a co-design between the young and unpublished Parisian artist Chloé Alméras and the design studio Chialab. This annual project combining the artist and the world of visual communication is in many way the core of the experience of many publishers and business partners at the fair each year. That is one of discovery of growing and exchanging new and wonderful ideas that may morph into other projects of new sizes and proportions - all within the time of the BCBF each year. With the strap line - Fertile ground for children's content - the 55th edition of the fair is born.
The result of this second edition of the "BCBF visual identity workshop" transports us into a universe teeming with details and at the same time inhabited by a serene intensity: from the hand of Chloé, in fact, it takes the form of a crowd of tireless gardener engaged in carrying magical and colourful hats from which ever changing plants sprout. An animated and fruitful world that evokes the atmosphere of the Fair as a fertile and multi-format place for the development of children's content today.

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