Monday, October 23, 2017

Publishers Lunch

Today's Meal

Daniel Nayeri, Nathalie Le Du, and Colleen AF Venable are leaving Workman Children's to start a new imprint at Macmillan Children's. They will serve as publisher, editorial director, and creative director, respectively. Nayeri says, "Our new imprint will be a collaboration of makers in the communal pursuit of creating art objects for great and terrible children." (That line, which sounds cute but doesn't actually mean anything, is a direct repeat of what he said when he joined Workman in 2013 -- though at the time, he said it in both English and French.) He will report to Macmillan Children's president and publisher Jon Yaged, with Le Du and Venable reporting to him.

Kara Cesare has been promoted to vice president, editorial director for Ballantine Bantam Dell.

Erin Crum has been promoted to senior vice president of corporate communications at HarperCollins and joins the global executive committee.

Sarah Bedingfield has been promoted to agent at Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.

Carel Halff will take over as CEO of Luebbe in Germany. He was chairman, managing director and general manager at Weltbild, and is on the board of Ravensburger.

At Putnam, Katie McKee has been promoted to executive publicity manager.

Kathleen Scheibling has been promoted to executive editor for Harlequin.

America's Test Kitchen and Sourcebooks are partnering to develop and publish a line of co-branded books for kids of all ages. America's Test Kitchen Kids will launch in fall 2018, and expects to publish 6 to 10 titles a year. Chief creative officer at America's Test Kitchen Jack Bishop and editorial director for children's nonfiction at Sourcebooks Kelly Barrales-Saylor will lead the creative teams. The books aim to "create new ways for children to connect with food, from baby's first foods and STEM-based picture books, to cookbooks that bring the test kitchen experience to kids of all ages."

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