Monday, October 30, 2017

The Benefactor


                  by Sebastian Hampson

A novel of profound insight about the complexity of human relationships, morality and the transformative power of art, set in New York’s glittering world of galleries and high-end fashion.

Magazine editor Henry Calder’s ordered life has unravelled. He lost his wife, Martha, less than a year ago, and he’s just been ousted from the glamorous job that gave his life meaning. Then he meets Maggie, a rebellious young artist working as a bartender. When Maggie is evicted, Henry offers her a place to stay. But there is something about the young woman and her work that disturbs him, and before long Henry is facing a crisis neither of them could ever have foreseen.

The Benefactor is about art’s power to alter our view of ourselves and our world. It asks how we construct meaning in our lives—and how we react when the foundations we have built our identities upon are knocked out from beneath us.

Sebastian Hampson, (photo right, Julia Winther), has studied and written on the history of modern art and urban design. He has lived in Europe and the United States and is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

His first novel, The Train to Paris, was also published by Text.

C-format paperback & ebook .  

336pp, RRP A$29.99, NZ$37.00




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