Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Roundup with PW

After Irma, Some Florida Stores Reopen
While the full extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma is still unknown, some bookstores in Florida are reporting that they are open for business. Others, however, are dealing with power outages and uncertainty about if, and when, they will be able to turn the lights back on.
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Hillary Explains 'What Happened': In her new book, Hillary Clinton opens up with candor, defiance, and dark humor, Jennifer Senior writes for the 'New York Times.'

'Handbook for Mortals' Author's Defense: Lani Sanem says she didn't game the 'New York Times' bestseller list—and believes all the steps she took are well within the rules.

Plagiarism and a Canadian Poet Laureate: Poetry sleuth Ira Lightman says the late Pierre DesRuisseaux’s 'Tranches de vie' plagiarized Maya Angelou, Dylan Thomas, and Tupac.

Why No Sci-Fi Writer Predicted the Web: Game-changing real-world discoveries defy prediction, Lawrence Krauss writes for 'Slate.'

The Ascetic Insight of W. S. Merwin: After escaping the anxiety of influence, the poet discovered an elemental poetry that has deepened his art form by extracting its essence.

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