Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Off the Shelf


6 Favorite Books from the Bookshelf of America's Librarian
There’s a paradox at the heart of my personality. I am not an extrovert—I don’t love parties and other large get-togethers. But I do have a limitless curiosity about the lives of other people. (I’m afraid the word “voyeur” might be applicable here.) One of my favorite activities is to meet someone for the first time and hear the story of her life.  Perhaps that’s why I am particularly fond of character-driven fiction. Over the years I’ve gotten to spend time with some of the most interesting people in the world—Anne Shirley, Thursday Next, Sam Vimes, Harriet Vane, Kate Vaiden, Mayer Landsman, Jo March, Miles Vorkosigan (just saying their names makes me smile). In these six novels, you will meet some of the most interesting and memorable characters that you’d ever want to spend 350 pages with.

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