Monday, September 11, 2017

Holdens & Fords - Kiwi Obsessions

Ford — A Kiwi Obsession

Holden — A Kiwi Obsession

by Steve Holmes


Ford — A Kiwi Obsession .  Bateman, RRP $49.99

Holden — A Kiwi Obsession  Bateman, RRP $49.99

As the doors close forever on Australian car manufacturing at the end of this year, car enthusiast Steve Holmes decided to find out why Kiwis are so passionate about the iconic rivals, Ford and Holden, before the final cars roll off the assembly lines.

Ford – A Kiwi Obsession and Holden – A Kiwi Obsession celebrates Ford and Holden motor vehicles, and the roles they have played in our lives.

Ford — A Kiwi Obsession describes the history of the Ford Australia motor company, from its early beginnings, its production of the Falcon model, expansion into New Zealand, right through to the last Falcon to be produced. This celebratory book is about the many distinct and varying roles Fords have played in the lives of Kiwis, both historically and to this day. Whether as simple family car or work transport, as enthusiast cars, collector and classic cars, or for competition purposes, Fords have touched the lives of a great many Kiwis. These are their stories.

Holden — A Kiwi Obsession describes the history of the Holden motor company, from its early beginnings in Australia, to its expansion into New Zealand. It features stories of several interesting Holdens and their proud Kiwi owners, mixed with old photographs showing Holdens being used in everyday life, Holden race cars, customised Holdens, as well as Holden car sales brochures, old magazine features, and even Holden memorabilia.

Wairarapa-based Steve Holmes is the go-to guy on anything car-related in this country. He is the author of Kiwi Muscle Car Collections, as well as many other motoring titles, including: Kiwi Bike Culture: Unique Motorbike Collections; The Kiwi Hot Rodder’s Guide to Life; Petrolheads in Sheds; The Kiwi Ute Driver’s Guide to Life; Kiwi Mustangs and Kiwi Speedway Culture.

RRP incl. GST $49.99

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