Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Update

Several Florida Bookstores Open; Big Binc Donation 
Shelf Awareness
Much of Florida has no power and will likely continue that way for days and maybe weeks, and many people are coping with flood and wind damage as well. As a result, reports about how bookstores are faring are sparse, but we have learned of several stores that are open today.
Patrick Paperbacks, Indian Harbour Beach, was undamaged by water but has no power. Still, owner Elva Rella said on Facebook that the store will be open today and "be old school--no computer, everything by hand! Luckily I AM old school!"
Inkwood Books in Tampa has power and will be open today, the store reported on Facebook. "Thinking about how it was so much worse elsewhere and grateful that this little house is strong in high winds."

Inkwood owner Stefani Beddingfield also made a plea that residents shop local: "Small businesses need your business to get through these next few months. Beer, books, pasta, booze, coffee, pizza, pastries, wine, music, flowers, cards, gifts, yoga pants, bourbon, and more can all be found at local shops that make Tampa such a great place to live. I'm no climate scientist but I'm pretty sure not getting any of the above items delivered to your doorstep in bubble wrap and boxes may also be better for this paradise we're lucky to call home."

In other hurricane news, in a striking move, following Hurricane Harvey comics publisher Lion Forge donated $25,000 to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) "to provide help directly to comic book retailers affected by this storm and beyond." (Sadly, with Hurricane Irma, "beyond" has already arrived.) Lion Forge advises comic book shop staffers in need of emergency help to contact it at 866-733-9064 or contact Binc.

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