Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NZ poet Sam Sampson writes about the great American poet John Ashbery

NZ poet Sam Sampson writes: ‘The great American poet John Ashbery died on September 3, 2017. I really liked his work. He was a touchstone poet for me and someone I always headed to for inspiration. I know he wasn't for everyone (I'm thinking of C.K.Stead's 1992 review in the London Review Of Books'O Harashbery!') but it was mesmerising how he made the world strange and exciting through poetry. I had the opportunity to read a new work – ‘A Question of Brightness’ – in homage to John Ashbery, on the BFM Saturday morning show: 7am Swim with Sperber Dan (September 9).

 (The interview and poem is 1hr 29m into the show.)

Sam Sampson was born in Auckland, and grew up in Titirangi. His poetry has been widely published in journals and chapbooks and anthologised in Best New Zealand Poems Online. His first collection with Auckland University Press and Shearsman (UK) Everything Talks, won the NZSA Jessie Mackay Award for the Best First Book of Poetry at the 2009 book awards.

His most recent book of poems Halcyon Ghosts (June 2014) was published through Auckland University Press.


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