Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Patchy & Ruby - perfect gift for kids who love ponies


Patch and Ruby
Anouska Jones & Gwynneth Jones

Release date:  1 October 2016, RRP $19.99 HB
EK Books

          A gently humorous story about friendship and belonging that will appeal to any young child who feels they haven’t quite found their niche yet.

          A talented new author teams up with the illustrator of the highly successful Don’t Think About Purple Elephants.

Patch the pony is lonely. He has fun with his young owner, Sam, and the other farm animals are friendly, but sometimes it feels as if he still doesn’t quite fit in. Then one day Sam has an idea and something happens that changes Patch’s life forever. Patch and Ruby is a wonderful, often very funny tale about friendship and finding out where you belong.

Anouska Jones is a publisher, editor, book reviewer and writer. She is the Publisher for Exisle Publishing and EK Books, and is the Senior Editor of children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review. She lives on her rural property with her husband and daughter, three horses, eight chickens, three ducks, two dogs, one cat and one budgie.

Gwynneth Jones drew all through her maths book at school, so left to study art at TAFE and then majored in Plant and



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