Friday, September 30, 2016

Bookstores: 'An Experience Impossible to Replicate'


"In 2016 people have a plethora of outlets for book talk, book news and book buying, most of them online. But none of them compares to standing in a book store and talking with strangers about what they have in stock.

When a customer asks where to find D.H. Lawrence and it opens a store-wide discussion about his best story, you know you're in a great book shop; when everybody nominates a different story and then all involved--including the employee--file off to browse Lawrence's back catalog, you know you've found your people. It's an experience impossible to replicate via text, chat or online review."

--Paul Friswold, in a story--"Because We Still Buy Books Here: One of 75 Reasons We Love St. Louis in 2016"--in Riverfront Times' best of St. Louis issue about Subterranean Books and other St. Louis bookstores

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