Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Google Case Ends, but Copyright Fight Goes On
At its April 15 conference, the Supreme Court declined to take up Authors Guild v. Google, effectively ending one of the defining copyright battles of the digital age. more »

Henry Holt & Company Celebrates 150 Years
Henry Holt & Company has undergone a number of incarnations since it was formed in 1866, when Henry Holt partnered with Frederic Leypoldt to publish books under the name Leypoldt & Holt. more »

From Playwright to Novelist
The difficulty of making ends meet as a playwright has driven a number of lauded theater writers to seek creative satisfaction—and a living wage—elsewhere. more »

Six Celebrations of Shakespeare: For the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death, 'Literary Hub' publishes six opinion pieces digging into his legacy.

The Success of Cassandra Clare: The YA fantasy author steeps herself in the history of her genre, even living in a steampunk home.

Alain de Botton Takes Your Questions: In preparation for a Wednesday webchat, the philosopher takes readers' questions over at 'The Guardian.'

Canadian Copyright Law is Hurting Kids: Canada's legislation on copyright has made publishing textbooks even more difficult in the digital age.

Does Poetry Month Lack Latinos?: Why Latinos are overlooked during National Poetry Month, and what the poetry community can start to do about it.


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