Friday, April 29, 2016

The Arts of Illustration - NZ’s book illustrators exhibition opens in Auckland

Kevin Chapman (Upstart Press)  writes:

A new exhibition opened last night in Auckland showing the work of some of NZ’s book illustrators. Parnell’s Railway Street Studios fed drinks to a large crowd that came out to see the work of Donovan Bixley, Stephanie Thatcher, Diana Pearl, Amy McKinnon and Sara Mutande. 

A very good cross-section of illustrative styles are represented and the works, which range from original pencil drawings through prints to acrylic on canvas, are all for sale. Prices range from $35 to $1200.

Fiona Cable, owner of the studio said “Illustrators do not simply provide literal depictions of what a text describes. Rather, they create a world, sometimes telling additional stories with images that add another dimension to the text. It’s time for Illustrators to have an opportunity to shine.”

The exhibition continues until the 15th of May, and I would urge all those who love books to go along, have a look, and think about taking   home one of the artworks.

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