Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bridget Williams Books invites you to celebrate the publication of BEING CHINESE - A New Zealander's Story

Bridget Williams Books warmly invites you to celebrate the publication of
Being Chinese - 
A New Zealander's Story

By Helene Wong

RRP: $39.99 (print)
RRP: $20.00 (e-book

SUNDAY 8 MAY, 4:30 pm
The New Zealand Portrait Gallery
11 Customhouse Quay

Three decades ago I began a quest – the search for my Chinese identity.  My journey unravelled the personal, professional and historical threads in my life, and revealed how bound together they are by ‘being Chinese’.  But I am a New Zealander too.  So this became a story not only about Chinese identity but also about the country I live in.  I wanted to know how I could make a connection between these two places in my life, and thus find my place in the world.

Speakers: Dame Claudia Orange
                    Helene Wong
                    Elizabeth Ngan
                    Bridget Williams

Family and friends are included in this invitation.

Download this invitation as a pdf here.

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