Friday, July 24, 2015

The Value of Book Sales Reps

the read- BooksellersNZ
by Louise Ward
When we bought our bookshop two and a half years ago we had no idea what meeting with publishers’ reps would be like. As the shop had been running its stock down, reps didn’t call anymore and we had no opportunity to see a meeting in action in the handover period. What we really didn’t expect is that we would come to look forward to these meetings, to put the kettle on in anticipation, to think of it as a friend calling in. If you watch too much television you could be forgiven for thinking that sales people of any kind are cut-throat characters who’ll try and sell you their own grandmother. Turns out, in the book trade at least, it’s not like that at all.

Being new to the business we have found our reps to be an absolute godsend. Being handed reading copies (free books!) was amazing and we dived straight in and got cracking.

Read on about the Ward family's experience with book sales reps, and what they value most about them

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