Friday, November 28, 2014

So You Returned to Sark


by Chris Davies Curtis

 This delightful story is a follow-up to the Author’s trilogy about her life on the Island of Sark, in the Channel Islands, her travels to New Zealand and life as a District Nurse in London. 

   This volume continues from where Chris Davies Curtis left off earlier, and as the story flows the reader is transported back to Sark and shares the Author’s highs and lows, as she creates a new life with "the love of her life" after her divorce from her former husband.

  Throughout the story you get glimpses of her growing happiness and contentment living on an island rich with community life, and her involvement in the social interaction with the locals.

   We get to know the Author as a wife, mother, grandmother to her stepchildren, a Registered Nurse, and organiser of multiple activities that bind these small communities together.
   This book of 163 pages is thoroughly readable and I encourage those interested to read the earlier three titles first as this one is a continuation and in some respects binds the previous books together.
     I have no doubt we will, in the future, hear more from this Author.

Review by Merilyn Mary - Flaxflower Reviews
So You Returned to Sark
by Chris Davies Curtis
Publisher: Chris Curtis Books through Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500786328

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