Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random House $45

With over 120 full-colour, glorious photographs all taken in Antarctica this book assures itself a ready market but then you add the author’s expertly told “insider’s” account of the ‘race to the South Pole’ and you have the makings of a best-seller.

Born in Christchurch, Geoffrey Lee Martin is a journalist who worked at the NZ Herald and the Daily Telegraph in London and now lives in semi-retirement in Sydney.

Pic at right shows Ed Hillary and author 50 years on.

Late in 1957 two parties set off from different sides of the Antarctica continent, both headed for the South Pole. One party was led by Britain’s Dr.Vivian Fuchs and the other by NZ’s Edmund Hillary.Geoffrey Lee Martin was in Antarctica covering the story for the NZ Herald & The Daily Telegraph and this is his account of the great adventure.

The book will be published on7 September to mark the 50th anniversary of the expedition.

The author has created a website for the book which is well worth viewing.

Three pics below from Hellbent For the Pole.

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