Saturday, March 24, 2007

Edited by Tessa Duder & Lorraine Orman
Publisher - Reed/IBBY/Storylines NZ$35.00
To mark International Children's Book Day on 2 April a new collection of NZ stories from leading writers is being published this coming week.
I wrote more fully about the big day on my blog a couple of weeks back so use the link to revisit that site for full details.
I must apologise to the editors,authors and publishers for the terrible colours of the cover as shown here. In fact the colours are rich blues and greens but my computer has managed to make them a muddy orange. Oops!
However don't let the colours of the cover put you off as this is an excellent collection of stories from some of our best known writers for kids including David Hill, William Taylor, Tanya Batt, Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley and Katerina Mataira. A must for all primary and intermediate schools classrooms and libraries.

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