Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What is it about Christchurch?

Having surveyed most of the New Zealand public library websites over the past two days I have to say that Christchurch Public Library has the best one I have seen. Have a look for yourself.

And just now I have found www.bethere.co.nz a great site promoting the many autumn attractions of the garden city.

Then there are the beautiful Botanic Gardens and Hagley Park, even they have their own website. These pics show an overview of the Botanical Gardens and an autumn view one of the many magnificent trees to be found in Hagley Park.
Full marks to Christchurch,
I look forward to my next visit in April when the autumn colours will be at their best.
And of course one must not overlook the fact the one of the world's great websites, Arts & Letters Daily, is the creation of Denis Dutton who is a professor at Canterbury University.
The university has its own publishing arm, Canterbury University Press.
All these fascinating websites..............................

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Anonymous said...

Great city. I now live in Australia but when I see pictures like this and connect to the websites you have listed I am almost overwhelmed by an urge to move "home".
Thanks for this.