Friday, March 23, 2007


I pay an annual fee to a company which monitors my site, tells me how many vsiits a day I receive, which country the visitors come from, the average length of stay, which stories they read etc.
I do not of course know who the visitors are nor do I have any way of communicating with them, other than via my blog.

It is all quite fascinating. Here for example is the breakdown of where yesterday's visitors came from:

NZ 163
USA 18
Aust 12
UK 12
and then lesser numbers from Germany, Canada, India, Mexico, Switzerland,
Korea, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy and four from
'unknown" countries! So about 70% from NZ.
That NZ figure has been as low as 50% but is usually around the 60-70% mark which I guess is about what one would expect given the NZ flavour of the site.

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