Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AK in Conversation

Each weekday during the Festival at the Speigeltent down in red Square there have been a series of discussions on cultural matters affecting the city. I have attended two of them and they have been most stimulating.

There are still three to go if you haven't yet made it down there.

Wed 21 March - Speigeltour

Built in 1920, this Grand Dame of Cabaret Salons has travelled to festivals worldwide. Here is your chance for a guided tour of this stunning pavilion.

Thurs 22 March = Laboritoire des Idees

Acclaimed German composer, creator and producer breaks artistic boundaries. Join him as he shares the processes behind his craft and the conception of Max Black.

Fri 23 March - Why Can't Art Be More Like Sport, or Sport Be More Like Art?

Join Bernice Mene (Sportsperson & Black Grace Sponsor), Billy Apple (Artist & Sports Fan), and Andy Hay (Sports Editor NZ Herald) as they throw this quetsion around while delving into the heart of Kiwi culture).

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