Friday, April 20, 2018

The Roundup with PW

Amazon Tops 100 Million Prime Members: CEO Jeff Bezos has seen its customer loyalty program's membership skyrocket—and it's gaining traction overseas, too.

Regan Confirms Cosby Claims in Court: Judith Regan told jurors at Bill Cosby's assault retrial that his drugging and assault of Janice Dickinson was cut from her memoir.

Prince's Memoir is Almost Ready: The agent representing the book claimed the musician's memoir should be published around the holiday season; Random House did not confirm.

Qatar's National Library: The new library, which opened in Doha earlier this week, celebrates its collection by incorporating books into the infrastructure of the building.

Smith, Woodson Preach Lit Gospel: Tracy K. Smith and Jacqueline Woodson talk reading, race, and spreading the gospel of literature.

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