Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Roundup with PW

Google Unveils Book-Talking AI: A new artificial intelligence experiment from Google, Talk to Books, can answer questions by pulling relevant sentences from books.

Supreme Court Hears Online Tax Case: On Tuesday, over 40 states will present a case urging the Supreme Court to reconsider charging taxes for online sales.

Reflections on Trying to Get Published: Writer Thomas Swick recalls his path to publication that included several rejection letters, and worse, silence.

A Guide to Lending Books to Friends: Librarians from around the U.S. offer tips on how to keep your friends, and your books, close.

Author of 'Secretariat' Fame Dies: William Nack, the horse-racing expert whose book about Secretariat led to the 2010 film, died at age 77 on Friday.

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